Buy Diamonds in Mobile Legends

How to Buy Diamonds in Mobile Legends

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Mobile Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game with impressive gameplay features and amazing graphics. This game is known for its gameplay mechanics and availability for PC, Android and iOS. If you like to play these type of games, there are chances that you will love this game as its better than other MOBA games released for mobile devices.

This game contains some resources like diamonds, gems that can be used to unlock player abilities, and new heroes which are introduced in every new season.

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But it’s quite hard to earn these resources in games, so most of the users prefer to buy them in the game with real money or use some mods for these resources. If you want to buy anything in the game, you must need in-game currency to make purchases; otherwise, you can’t make purchases.


Ways to buy Diamonds in Mobile Legends?

The developers of this game give this in-game currency regularly, but if you want more, you have to buy them on your own. To purchase diamonds in the game, you need some balance in your Google Play store or credit card to do the transaction. There are complete steps to buy these diamonds.

If you are out of diamonds in-game, these are the steps with which you can buy them.

  • Click on the plus icons next to the diamonds icon on top of the game screen.
  • It will take you to the diamond recharge screen.
  • There you will found some packs and chose them according to your budget.
  • Tap on the diamonds packs you want to buy.
  • It will take you to Google Play store.
  • There you will be asked if you’re going to pay through CC or Google Pay Balance.
  • Choose your payment method and do the transaction.
  • If it has done successfully, you will get notice Recharge done.

That’s all you have to do.

That’s the complete method you have to do, if you only play the single-player of this game, there is something for you.

Most of the users who like to play the single-player of this game use mod version of this game instead of buying diamonds and gems. We have already made a guide on how you can get free diamonds for Mobile Legends. With this method, you can get unlimited diamonds for this game.

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If you want to buy diamonds in this game for low cost, then I would recommend you to buy them through some third party users like from websites which offers them for cheap rates. The game developers sponsor these third-party websites, and that’s the way how they offer diamonds at affordable prices.


Diamond is one of the things in this game which you can’t get for free, and the only option to get them is to buy from the in-game store. This is a complete guide on how to buy diamonds in mobile legends, and you can follow these steps to but the first time.

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