Hill Climb Racing 2 Vehicles Guide

Hill Climb Racing 2 is an addictive online game where you keep racing by using several vehicles. In the beginning of the game, you will have a Jeep that is unlocked in the first stage. As you keep progressing in the game, you will be able to unlock numerous other vehicles. Each vehicle has its own unique characteristics. Listed below are some of the amazing vehicles that you can unlock in the game:

Sports Car – Gold I

Similar to the usual Sports Car, the in-game car has the capacity to make all women drool over it. However, most of the racing games put a lot of emphasis on Sports Car but in Hill Climb Racing 2, the car is not the ideal ‘weapon’ to unlock. You need to reach the Gold level for unlocking it and there are some better options that you have at that stage.

Monster Truck – Gold II

The Monster Truck is the ‘most wanted’ vehicle of the game as it is absolutely unbeatable. Some of its amazing properties are high strength, durability, and acceleration, which is exactly what you will require to succeed in the game. However, you need to reach the Gold II Level for making use of the Monster Truck.

Scooter – Bronze III

You need to reach the Bronze III Level for unlocking the Scooter. Most of the players like Scooter as it provide good speed. Moreover, scooter is better than four-wheeled cars because they need little space to move and are much easier to handle.

Super Jeep – Silver I

The Super Jeep is the upgraded version of the normal Jeep that you have unlocked in the beginning of the game. The upgraded version has more strength than the former and the experience to drive it is pretty good. It looks more like a truck and is pretty powerful. So, if your opponent has a Super Jeep then the chances of you winning the race is low.

Motocross – Silver II

It is a dirt bike that provides amazing speed and can fly like a plane. So, you can earn some bonus air-points by using this vehicle. However, a demerit to use Motocross is that it has the tendency to hang in the air. So, you will lose heavy lead because the bigger trucks will move faster. However, it is certainly worth giving a shot!

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