How to Get Free Skins in Mobile Legends

How to Get Skins in Mobile Legends for Free

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Getting the best skins in Mobile Legends is a dream of every player of this game. We are here with some of the best methods with which you can get these skins for free without spending a single penny.

The best way to get free skins for this game is to get a job to earn some money and then buy skins, but not all of us can do this. The developers of this game are excellent and give us some ways with which we can get free skins in this game.

Legit Ways to Get Skins in Mobile Legends

Lucky Spin

The best and easy way to get skins is through the luck skin which gives you Lucky Gem Fragments which can be used to but free skins in this game. If you don’t get enough Gem Fragments, there you can also get some other rewards with this option. To try lucky spin in the game, you have to go to Shop > Draw and then Lucky Spin.

Skin Fragments

The other best way to get free skins in this game is through silver fragments which can be earned by trading. If you think you got enough skins which you don’t want in-game you can sell all of them in the game and can get Skin Fragments in return. This can be used to buy skins in-game with these fragments. You might need Skin Fragments up to 70-300 to get good skin in the game and to check out which skins you can go to the Shop and then fragments.

Season Rewards

A season in this game lasts for three months, and all of the seasons comes with skins and heroes which you can get skins for reaching a certain level. If you end up a season with at least Master Rank, you can get the exclusive season skin of that season, and it’s an excellent way to get a free skin every season in this game.

Login Rewards

If you like to play this game daily, you can get great rewards when you log in to the game daily. These rewards include many things which can be used to buy skins, and also sometimes they include skins. Even sometimes, you can get Skin Fragments and tickets with this daily login rewards.


There are giveaways done by streamers and other gamers with which you can get free skins, diamonds gems and other items in the game. You can join these giveaways on forums, Facebook, YouTube and some other platforms.

I would recommend you to participate only in those giveaways who have a small number of users because there are more chances to win in those giveaways. Also, follow all the rules of these giveaways otherwise in case of violation, they can kick you out from the giveaway.


These are the legit ways to get free skins. I know many websites are claiming to give free skins using mobile legends hack for this game, but most of them are fake and are not going to provide you with anything.

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