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How to Download Mobile Legends Mod APK (2022 Updated)

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Mobile Legends mod APK can be used for unlimited money, gems, heroes and much more and many users are always looking to download these mods for this game. There we have a complete guide on how you can download this mod and get unlimited things in the game with just simple cheat.

This method only works for a single-player mode of this game, and you can’t use them for multiplayer. If you want diamonds and battle points for multiplayer for free, we have already made a guide on it.

There are thousands of games available on the play store from which Mobile Legends is one of them. Users like this game because of its amazing graphics and gameplay mechanism. But it’s quite hard to earn resources in this game because it takes much time to win games, get heroes and also the diamonds in this game are paid and you can to buy them with real money.

How to Download Mobile Legends Mod APK

This modded APK comes with unlimited things in the game, and everything is unlocked, so you don’t have to mess with settings to hack the game and get free stuff. There is a guide on how you can download and install this APK.

To download and install this game, you have to uninstall the previous version of the game.

  • First of all, you have to uninstall the official game first.
  • Then you might need to enable the option “Allow downloads to install from unknown sources”.
  • Download the mod APK from the given link.
  • When downloaded, install the APK.
  • After the installation completed, you will get a notice “Successfully installed”.

If you find an error message “This device doesn’t allow files to be installed from unknown sources”, then you might be missing the step 2. Because by default on most of the devices, this option is turned off.

This modded application comes with enough material heroes and gems. However, still they are limited, and if you finished them, you can’t get more because once the modded application got deleted, all of your progress will be removed.

APK Mod Details

The version of this APK is which is currently the latest version of this game updated by their team. You will get all of the season 16 heroes in this version and almost everything unlimited in this mod. One thing with this mod you can use all these extra stuff in the online mode of this game and it’s available for single play mode only. 


That’s all about the downloading and installation of Mobile Legends mod APK to get unlimited gems, diamonds and heroes. I will keep updating the Mod version as the team takes new updates to the game in the form of seasons. Currently, the version link mentioned there is the latest version you can get right there, but we are not responsible for any misuse of this APK or Mod.

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