Mobile Legends New Heroes

Mobile Legends New Heroes List

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As Mobile Legends is a popular game, the developers of this game are taking new updates to it with new heroes, character abilities and much more. The heroes come with new styles, power skills, and animations in every update. We have packed up a list of some of the best upcoming Mobile Legends new heroes coming in this season. If you want to earn mobile legends free diamonds then you should visit our homepage for latest update.

5 Upcoming Mobile Legends New Heroes

These are the five new upcoming heroes coming to this game, and you can know everything about them from mobile legends wiki. All these heroes will be available in the game from the next update, and you can buy them with in-game currency called diamonds which can be purchased with real money.


Vale is an upcoming hero in this game, and it will play as a mage. The primary ability of this hero is it can control the wind in the game. This is only one hero in this game who can control the wind and some fans of this game called him “the last air bender”.


This hero was going to release in the last update, but due to some reason it delayed and now you can see him in the new update. This new hero has white hair and a cool looking guy with white clothes. At this time, there are no details about this hero, but we will try to share them with you as we got them.

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