PES 2018 Hack

If you are playing PES 2018 for the first time or are a PES fan and are inquisitive to know effective tricks and tips, then you should read this post till the end. In this article, you will come across several tips and strategies that can be used for enhancing the gameplay.

GP and myClub Coins are the two main currencies of PES 2018 game. You will require both these currencies in good amounts so that you can achieve success in the game. Keep reading to know more about GP and myClub Coins, their uses, and ways to earn them!


GP is the primary currency of PES 2018, which is required for signing new agents, renewing contracts of managers and players, helping players to recover from fatigue, and much more. Earning GP is simple! You just need to keep using the PES 2018 hack for earning them. The more you play, the more you earn GP as rewards!

Another way to earn GP is by unlocking a range of achievements in the game. Connect your gaming account with the developer’s social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to earn certain amount of GP. However, this is a one-time offer. Each day you will be provided with several goals that need to be completed. Once you complete these objectives, you will be able to earn rewards in the form of GP.

Login each day in the game and earn daily rewards, which consist of GP and XP. With each successive day that you login to the game, your daily rewards or PES 2018 hack will increase so it is a great way to earn some in-game currencies. or

Scout Auction

The Scouts that are sold in Auction can be purchased by bidding on them. You will need plenty of GP to bid on your favorite Scouts or you can use PES 2018 hack to get asap. However, make a note that the bidding window is limited. So, if there are more than two players bidding for the same Scout then the Final Round will begin and the player who has put the highest bid will win.

myClub Coins

myClub Coins are the special currency of the game that is required for buying premium players, hiring special managers, signing players on loan, and much more. The only way to earn them in the game is by playing league matches. If you acquire good rankings in the league matches, you will be able to earn loads of myClub Coins. As it is the special currency of the game, you can buy them by spending real-world money. All you need to do is visit the game Menu, click the myClub store, select ‘buy myClub Coins’ and buy the requisite amount of currencies.

However, if you are not interested in spending real-world money on buying myClub Coins, then you can make use of PES 2019 Hack for generating plenty of currencies instantly.

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